Brook Dance 2017

Brook Dance is an intensive training and development programme for vocational students and professional dancers early on in their career. Each year, the programme is overseen by a mentor who will work with the group. Application is through an open call, in Spring of each year.

BrookDance is part of our annual rogramme of events, supported The Arts Council of Ireland / An Comhairle Ealaíon 

Week 1 Mentor Maya M. Carroll | 01.08.17 - 06.08.17 (*please note: Tuesday - Saturday)

Week 2 Mentor Marguerite Donlon | 07.08.17 - 12.08.17 


BrookDance 2017 participants are; Nathan Chipps, Carole Debenath, Ellen Finlay, Mintesinot Getachew, Shona Leahy , Aliina Lindroos, Ciara Lynch, Nora Monsecour, Henry Morris, Sean Moss, Harry Parr, Rosie Stebbing, Roisin Whelan and Kathy Young.

BrookDance 2017 participants are; Nathan Chipps, Carole Debenath, Ellen Finlay, Mintesinot Getachew, Shona Leahy , Aliina Lindroos, Ciara Lynch, Nora Monsecour, Henry Morris, Sean Moss, Harry Parr, Rosie Stebbing, Roisin Whelan and Kathy Young.


Marguerite Donlon

Irish born Marguerite Donlon, choreographer and artistic director is regarded as innovative and highly unique in the theatre world today. Her artistic ideas seem limitless and her creative language is rich.Renowned for her wit and profundity in equal measure, she excites the dance world by bringing a freshness to the stage yet never shying away from the reality. Her innovative style, her Irish humor and her use of different art forms has placed Marguerite Donlon  began with traditional Irish dance and at the late age of 16 began to study ballet first with Anica Dawson at Shawbrook and later in England with Dorothy Stevens. She was soon spotted by Peter Schaufuss and Kevin Hagan in London and was offered a position with the English National Ballet where she worked with legends such as Natalia Makarova, Rudolf Nurejew and Sir Kenneth MacMillan. In 1990 she was invited as a soloist to the Deutsche Oper Berlin and very soon after that began her choreographic career . Her dance repertory included a wide range of roles by leading choreographers, amongst them William Forsythe, John Cranko, George Balanchine, Maurice Béjart, and Jiří Kylián.From 2001 to 2013, Marguerite Donlon was the Artistic Director of the ballet of the Saarländisches Staatstheater. With her company, also known as the “Donlon Dance Company”, she formed a highly unique artistic ensemble that produced more than 30 creations  and several more from International renowned guest choreographers. In this time DDC has been guesting extensively all over Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, USA, Ireland, South Korea, China, and Italy. Marguerite Donlon is also Initiator and Artistic Director of the international dance festival “n.o.w. dance saar,” which was founded in 2006 and also the highly acclaimed youth dance company “iMove”. In May 2012 she was confirmed member president of the National Board of German Ballet and Dance Theatre Directors, BBTK and is now an honorary member.Marguerite Donlon currently living in Berlin, has created for numerous renowned ballet companies worldwide. Read more here


Maya M. Carroll / The Instrument - Embodying Musicality

The workshop is aimed for movers and dancers who wish to engage with dynamic states of instant composition, to experience and explore the theme of sound, rhythm and music, through the prism of dance-making and performance. Every session is a continual process, following on from a class in which we tune and awaken our senses, practice handling physicality and directing it from centre to space. Investigating deeper, we work on specifying how we carry our physicality in our dancing; how we elaborate thought, vision and desire within real-time composition.

In 'Embodying Musicality' we work with momentum and pace; engaging time and listening to living and dancing rhythms. Following these elements and the passions they evoke, we look into how we interpret tempo / velocity, how we work in complement with sound and resonance and how we become appreciative of the urgent, immediate and joyful interplay of music and dance.

Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, performer, mentor and teacher, based in Berlin since 2004. In the past thirteen years she created over 30 works from solo to extended group pieces, collaborating with artists and performers from diverse backgrounds; classical / contemporary dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, actors, opera singers and amateurs. Maya makes dance independently as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state theaters, independent companies and dance academies. She leads classes and workshops in Europe and abroad, extensively developing her teaching methods alongside her artistic work. In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument with her partner, composer / musician Roy Carroll. Her work is anchored in the meeting point between the palpable and imagined; reality and myth, drawn from and towards the body's memory, social roots, single and collective humans and their environment.

Maya Carroll is also one of Shawbrook Artist-in-residence for 2017. Click here for more info. 

Brook Dance '16 with Mentor Tebby W.T. Ramasike

Brook Dance '16 with Mentor Tebby W.T. Ramasike


Dancers | Ellen Finlay, Emily May, Ciara Lynch, Vanessa Michielon, Leanne Oddy, Niamh O'Loughlin, Abbie Madden, Izzy Britain, Jemma Gould, (Week One only): Eleanor Marsh, Roisin Whelan, Harry Parr, Shona Leahy, Nora Monsecour and Petronella Wienhahn

BROOK DANCE 2015 Mentor | MichaEL Langeneckert

Dancers | Robyn Byrne |  Daisy Cauty | Tabitha Cholet  | Stephanie Dufresne | Jemma Gould | Sophie Hutchinson | Magdalena Hylak | Aaron Jeffrey | Ivonne Kalter | Abbie Madden |  | Orla McCarthy | Elspeth McKeever | Leanne Oddy | Hannah Rogerson | Anna Schneider | Naomi Rivana | Astrid Smits |  Anna Zurkirchen

BROOK DANCE 2014 Mentors |  Chantal McCormick + Margueritte Donlon

Dancers | Lau Beh Chin | Tina Benko | Rachel Brennan | Jamaal Burkmar | Robyn Byrne | Sophie Hutchinson | Neza Jamnikar | Roisin Laffan | Orla McCarthy | Elspeth McKeever |