BrookDance is an intensive training and development programme for dance students age 16+,  vocational students and professional dancers early on in their career. An intense and immersive programme, a selected ensemble is led by a mentor in contemporary dance techniques and the art of choreography. Participants are given the opportunity to reflect on and nurture their choreographic practice. There is an opportunity to perform work in a mixed programme of solos, duets and a mentor-led ensemble piece on the Shawbrook Forest Stage in front of an audience. 

BrookDance 2018

  • DANE HURST (Rambert) - Brook Dance Week 1 JULY - to 28 (Age 16+ / Advanced) 
  • SARAH REYNOLDS (NDT) - Brook Dance Week 2 JULY 29 - AUG 4 (Vocational students/professional dancers)
  • THEO CLINKARD - Brook Dance Week 3 AUGUST 5 - 11 (Vocational students/professional dancers)


Each week of BrookDance 2018 costs €250 and includes all classes, accommodation, food and transfers. 


Applications for BrookDance 2018 will open in early Spring through an open call. Once you are accepted, fees must be paid in full by April 1 2018.  

Places are limited to 12


BrookDance is part of our annual programme of events, supported The Arts Council of Ireland / An Comhairle Ealaíon 

Brook Dance 2016 & 2017

2017 BROOK DANCE Mentors Maya M Carroll & Marguerite Donlon

Dancers | Carole Debenath, Harry Parr, Rosie Stebbing, Nathan Chipps, Nora Monsecour, Shona Leahy, Ciara Lynch, Ellen Finlay, Henry Morris, Sean Moss, Aliina Lindroos, Kathy Young, Roisin Whelan, Mintesinot Getachew, Eleanor Waldron

BrookDance 2017 participants are; Nathan Chipps, Carole Debenath, Ellen Finlay, Mintesinot Getachew, Shona Leahy , Aliina Lindroos, Ciara Lynch, Nora Monsecour, Henry Morris, Sean Moss, Harry Parr, Rosie Stebbing, Roisin Whelan and Kathy Young.


Dancers | Ellen Finlay, Emily May, Ciara Lynch, Vanessa Michielon, Leanne Oddy, Niamh O'Loughlin, Abbie Madden, Izzy Britain, Jemma Gould, (Week One only): Eleanor Marsh, Roisin Whelan, Harry Parr, Shona Leahy, Nora Monsecour and Petronella Wienhahn

2015 BROOK DANCE Mentor | Michael Langeneckert

Dancers | Robyn Byrne, Daisy Cauty,  Tabitha Cholet , Stephanie Dufresne, Jemma Gould,  Sophie Hutchinson, Magdalena Hylak, Aaron Jeffrey, Ivonne Kalter, Abbie Madden, Orla McCarthy, Elspeth McKeever, Leanne Oddy, Hannah Rogerson, Anna Schneider, Naomi Rivana, Astrid Smits, Anna Zurkirchen

2014 BROOK DANCE Mentors |  Chantal McCormick + Margueritte Donlon

Dancers | Lau Beh Chin | Tina Benko | Rachel Brennan | Jamaal Burkmar | Robyn Byrne | Sophie Hutchinson | Neza Jamnikar | Roisin Laffan | Orla McCarthy | Elspeth McKeever |