We teach dance & nourish creative physical expression


Shawbrook is a haven for dance on an 18th century farm in a forest of oak, beech and ash in Co Longford.

 Its rehearsal rooms, dance studios, theatre and accommodation are open to our students and companies seeking rehearsal and retreat space.

We now also rent out our unique forest cabins via AirBnB



To learn about our fully-sprung studio,quirky performance spaces and our achievements over 3 decades of dance training in Ireland

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Dare to Dance?

Do you dance? Or yearn to? We hold & facilitate classes, workshops, festivals & masterclasses for all ages. Express yourself 

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Beech Party, Shawbrook - Liam Ó Maonlaí
An international dance mecca - you are hit by creative ions floating around the farmhouse courtyard the minute you set foot in Shawbrook. You could run into anyone here, from London opera composers and costumer designers and Royal Ballet dancers.
— Deirdre Mulrooney, The Irish Times, 2012