SHAWBROOK Studios | Artist APARTMENTS + Cabins


  • Three studios and one small theatre
  • Residential dormitories and apartments
  • Fully equipped catering space
  • Summer house
  • Meditation room ( tree house)
  • Power showers
  • Forest walks

Large studio with sprung, harlequin floor and mirrors

Small studio with wooden floor. This studio can covert to a small black box theatre with excellent acoustics, and seating for 50 people. There is access to changing room, foyer and lavatories. 

Outdoor Forest studio with sprung floor and covering over-head. This can be used as a performance space which has room and sight-lines for up to 300 people. There is access to mains for lighting and sound. Covered, secure technician box on-site.  


If you are interested in booking studios, ARTISTS APARTMENTS, or cabin please email:


  • 2-bedroom apartment sleeps 4/5 with en suite (bath & shower) & kitchenette.
  • 1 large bedsit with two beds with lavatory & basin.
  • 21-bed dorm with 4 showers, 2 toilets & 3 sinks. One huge shower area/wet room with sauna.
  • 2 forest dwellings without electricity, Eco-toilet nearby. These do not yet have toilet or wash facilities.
  • 1 small tree-house studio space, could sleep 2. No washroom.
  • Summer House - cooking facility and eating area. Caters for up to 30 people.

Photos of tree-house studio & forest cabins

Photos of the Dorm