Irish Times Culture Ireland Supplement 15 July 2017

Irish Times Culture Ireland Supplement 15 July 2017

Barn Dance Beech Party Zoe Farrell, 25th May 2016,

Shawbrook Forest Dance Centre is one of the most idyllic, poetic and serene places that you could ever be in. Read more

Dance Mecca - Deirdre Mulrooney, 13th April 2012, The Irish Times,
The middle of nowhere in County Longford is not the most obvious spot to stumble upon an international dance Mecca.... Read more

 BALLET IN A BARN, by Laura Peters, European DANCE  September 2004
It started with a dance school in a grain barn for local and regional students. Now Shawbrook is also a hideaway and retreat centre for dancers from around the world . . .  Read More

Backstage Theatre & Longford Festival of Dance by Belinda McKeon, Irish Times, March 2005
'Anica Louw, director of the Shawbrook, remembers the excitement of the Backstage group at the possibility of what they called a "real theatre . . .' Read More

PAS DE DEUX BESIDE THE COWSHED by Kathy Sheridan, Irish Times, 31st August 1989
Definitely not the Bolshoi. Kathy Sheridan visits the Shawbrook School of  Ballet, in Co Westmeath, the only residential summer school in the country and certainly the only one on a dairy farm . . . Read More

   Pigs Make way for farmyard ballet School. by Willie Dillon,  Irish Independent, July 29, 1996.
Anica and Philip Dawson run a thriving ballet school  - from a converted pig shed. Dance pupils – some from as far away as the US and Japan – learn their steps in a real working Irish farmyard . . . Read More

FROM SOUTH AFRICA TO LEGAN AND MULLINGAR, Westmeath Examiner, 3 Sept 1994. 
The Berlin Deutsche Opera’s solo dancer and choreographer Marguerite Donlan, from Longford, received her initial ballet training from South African, Anica Louw, who runs a ballet school at Legan, in Co Longford. . . . Read More

Summer Ballet School closes with a flourish.  by Geraldine Grennan,  Longford Leader, 25th Aug 1989.
The Shawbrook School of Ballet in Legan brought their highly-popular Summer School to a close for another year . . . Read More

Shawbrook's 1999 Africa Show,  by Sean McConnell, 8th April, 1999, The Irish Times.
Out of Africa and in to Ballymahon ... Longford students' show tells the personal story of a journey from South Africa to Longford . . .' Read More

Shawbrook in the Eighties, by Diana Theodores, Dance Chronicle, 1996
 'It did not seem strange to receive a call from a woman with an Afrikaans accent from County Longford asking if I would come to a ballet recital on her dairy farm in Lenamore . . .' Read More

INYD, Irish National Youth Dance,  lecture by Anica Louw, 2007
The only way I can feel personally successful as a dance educator, is if I can see a real link between dance education and professional dance . . .  Read More

Shawbrook Summer Show reviews by Carolyn Swift, The Irish Times, 1996-2000
Summer Show 2000
Summer Show 1999
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