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Shawbrook Residency - Nina Mamia (FIN)

Nina Mamia with Mamia Company will undertake research for a performance called PERSONA NON GRATA (PNG). PNG is a contemporary dance theatre piece that describes the human bodies that carry the darkness of humanity against their will. These are the emotions/personal traits that are birthed from the involuntary exclusion. PNG is the subconscious portrayed through movement.

Mamia Company is a contemporary dance theater and touring company based in Vantaa, Finland. Company was founded in autumn 2014 by the choreographer & director Nina Mamia and actor Kasperi Nordman.

The members of the company have a long experience of the art world both locally and internationally. Our educational background comes from different art schools in Europe (England, Finland, Sweden and Denmark).

Our performances reflect on contemporary topics, human condition and society.

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