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Shawbrook Residency - Jane-Alison McKinney + Emma Kerson (BARE NERVE)

Part study of human nerve and frailty, part psychological thriller, hard wire is the new contemporary dance duet by Bare Nerve co-creators and performers Emma Kerson and Jane- Alison McKinney. Alive and reactionary, they will navigate an elaborate physical score, breathe in the audience, and move within a landscape of hard scenic elements. Leading up to the residency, Bare Nerve will research across hard natural elements of Ireland’s wilderness, playing with rocks and harshly reflected light before bringing these discoveries to the studio. Here they will be further developed alongside physical movement ideas like living off-axis, oscillation, tension shifts, and copper wiring rerouting the mind then body. But hard wire is also interested in the invisible study of hard matter informed by internalized histories. They will play with instances that either did or didn’t leave imperceptible marks that altered the blueprints of their beings. Feeling increasingly troubled seeing silent female bodies on stage, the work will explore text as an extension of the female form. hard wire will play with the perception of the self. With shifting understandings of the other’s endgame, when does our skin break from concrete forces, and when does our internal self reach the brink?