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Shawbrook Residency - Ronan Brady (IE)

Sub Rosa is a duet of acrobatic dance, cyr wheel and hand to hand between Ronan Brady and Aisling Ní Cheallaigh. It examines the idea that we focus on what we are instead of who we are. Society and media tell us that the more talented we are, the more important we are. We see this in sports stars, actors and celebrity. When we receive positive feedback on what we do, we do more of it. It's then what we present to the world, our thing, not ourselves. So much emphasis is placed on our profession. It's the second question we are asked after our name. It's used as a measure of our worth. Fortunately, self worth and profession/talent aren't linked. You can be a great person regardless of your employment status Sub Rosa will remind us of this and encourage us discover who we are, not who we are supposed to be.

Ronan Brady is a multi disciplinary physical artist. His focus is on cyr wheel, while dabbling in aerial arts and partner acrobatics. Coming late to the performance art scene, Ronan used to ply his trade as a secondary school teacher and Roscommon footballer. He has performed with various companies such as Aerial Cirque, nationaltours with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance, international tours with THISISPOPBABY and even making a brief appearance on the theatre stage with Lovett Theatre which he is looking to delve into even more. Performing with other companies has given him the hunger to create his love work, a co-creation with Aisling ní Cheallaigh ‘How to Square a Circle’ in 2018 which looks to tour in late 2019, and his current project ‘Sub Rosa” which is a co-creation with Aisling ní Cheallaigh also. Ronan enjoys exploring the topics of masculinity, is curious of how we see ourselves and encourages anyone to pursue their curiosities and have a go. Instagram: @AnomalyRonan