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Shawbrook Residency - Anna Rose (Germany)

Anna Rose and her company of dancers will spend time at Shawbrook finishing a new work Abandon Ship. Drawing inspiration from actual moments during the sinking of a ship, but as a metaphor for world events, and as a study on how we behave during a crisis when social conventions begin to crumble, and survival mode takes over. The work touches on the notion of the innocent bystander, and if this truly exists in a crisis. Each scene floats to the surface like bits of a recalled dream, or foggy memories from very long ago. Chronological order is forsaken, and we enter a world that continually shifts between reality and a dream-like subconscious space, dipping in and out of a surreal whimsical land and soundscape. The final question: when the events have all played out, where does it leave the survivors? The finished work will have a life both as a dance film and as a piece of live performance.