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Shawbrook Residency - Junk Ensemble with Alice Maher

The Misunderstanding of Myrrha

For their Shawbrook residency, Junk Ensemble will collaborate with acclaimed Irish visual artist Alice Maher and one female dance artist to continue their research and devising, exploring transformation and hybridity of the female form. From Aphrodite’s curse, Myrrha tricked her father and fell pregnant with his child. Fleeing Arabia, Myrrha begged the gods to take pity on her and they transformed her human form into a myrrh tree. The metamorphosis of females into plants or animals is often considered a godly act of the highest order but in fact, does this transformation disenfranchise the female and silence her from the speaking living world? We are interested in reclaiming this myth of transformation and giving Myrrha a voice. Exploring the possibilities of restriction and physical limitation through intricate choreography and detailed scenography & costume, we aim to find liberation in Myrrha’s hybridity.

This project is funded by The Arts Council of Ireland.

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